FPTV: Trayvon Martin Rally in River Oaks

Race war cometh! Well, maybe not. Join us as we visit with Trayvon Martin supporters and counter-protesters as they rally in River Oaks. Plenty of race-baiting, candid discussion, and prayers for Jesus to annihilate the IRS with lazer beams from his eyes. Fun for the whole family!



  1. Rusty shackleford says:

    You’re not exhibiting a better character than the side you try to belittle with this Mickey Mouse attempt at making a product with any journalistic merit. “Free Press” might be the name of your rag, but this type of editorial commentary is, at face value, an exercise of your own brand of fascist apologetics, not editorial commentary. Leave news to the professionals and peddle Budweiser and what used to be cool to neo-Washington St douchekits once a year.
    Final thought- you aren’t David Cross.

  2. John says:

    Hah, I love it. Some much needed comic relief. The whole thing has been blown WAY out of proportion and made into something that it really wasn’t.

  3. Liz says:

    Despite how crummy I feel about being white after watching that… Wow. Well done.

  4. kame the great says:

    omg! Omar and your crazy awesome interviews!

  5. Congrats to Omar and his staff. I really like your new TV endeavor

  6. "Big" Jesus Trash Can says:

    That was some funny shit. I wish I’d shown up for the rally just to laugh at the right wing kooks.

  7. LOL says:

    Tell me why you mad though

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